7 Best Ways to Present Supplements to Customers

Many people believe that supplements are the key to good health. Many believe that supplements can help them to maintain their health along with other benefits, such as weight loss. Selling these items can make a distributor very successful, and the industry is very competitive. You may wonder how you can present supplements to your customer for a better chance of selling them. There are a few things that you can do to entice customers to purchase supplements from you. Here are just a few:

Be an expert in the supplements that you offer. Customers may have questions about the products that you offer. If you do not know much about what you are offering, people will likely not be very trustworthy of your advice to buy your products. Make sure you and your employees know detailed information about the supplements that you are selling. Be as truthful and honest as you can while presenting the supplements in a positive light.

Have your own label of supplements. Your own private brand can show customers that you believe in the product. Having your own label can boost your brand awareness among your customers and other visitors to your store. Soon your brand may be the choice among your customers. Make sure the brand icon is prevalent throughout your store and stands out among other supplement brands that you may offer.
Customize your own formulas.Your private label that shows that a supplement has specifically been formulated for your brand can make customers think that there is something about your brand that makes it better and more personalized that the other brands. There are many different manufacturers that can work with your company to formulate supplements based on your own needs and interests.

Present positive testimonies from happy customers.Whether it is your private label or not, you need people to know that the supplements that you are offering work for real people. Put positive testimonies up on your website, in pamphlets, and elsewhere that people can see them. Consider linking these testimonies on your social networking accounts for your followers to see. The power of testimonials is very strong, so monitor your testimonies and make sure that everyone sees the positive comments.

Make sure the products you want to sell the most are at eye level.If it is your own private brand that you want to sell the most of, and then make sure your brand is the first that customers will look at. The brand should be out front and at eye level in physical stores. Online it should be the first and even last product that people see so it will stay in their minds longer than other brands.

Offer supplements in an online store setting.People love buying things at their own convenience. You cannot have your physical store open all of the time, but you can have an online store open at all hours and every day of the week. Allowing your products to be purchased at any time online can bring you customers from far and wide who would not be able to visit your store otherwise.

Offer deals and sales to entice customers to return.Research your competitors and make sure that your prices are competitive. Offer customers rewards and savings occasionally to get people interested in your store. You may want to offer rewards for discounts to loyal customers who purchase your supplements regularly.

Selling supplements can be a very rewarding experience if you know what you are doing and how to get attention from the customers. Try a few different suggestions to see what works best for you and your company.

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Ways To Do Decor Restaurant Tables And Outdoor Cafe Furniture In A Presentable Way

The taste of the food holds great value in a restaurant. It is one of the major reasons why someone would want to go back to the same place. But what really attracts the eyes of people is how it looks. The way your restaurant is organized is the first factor to be determined by a customer, especially for first comers. Show people how presentable your cafe is by learning different ways to decor your restaurant.

Make them feel comfortable. Arrange your restaurant in a way they can never resist. Attract the eyes of your costumer by your own creativity. Earn more and more profit everyday as they enjoy your service.

Know your season

Be aware of the different events coming. Christmas, Easter or Valentines are only a few events celebrated in the entire year. If your place values varieties of events like Olympics or the Super Bowl, decorate your outdoor furniture in a different way prior to this. It will help you gain more customers. At the same time, be sensitive to others. Do not oppose or side with any team, this will just destroy your image with other people. You may gain a lot of fans that day but you will lose lots of haters permanently.

Know your theme

The color, ambience and theme should co-exist with each other. Think of a theme that will help customers feel the spirit of different seasons/events.

Example: The color red for valentines with a slow soothing music as a background and a candlelight dinner theme. This makes the ambience sweeter and will help customers feel that love is in the air.

Hang different flags around for United Nations Day. This will very much in attract foreign costumers.

Know the basic table arrangement

Know the proper table arrangement. For owners or manager, this is a must. Hire a person who knows the job well. This presents a knowledgeable look and adds beauty to your cafe.

Follow these steps:

Cover your table with a dashing table cloth.
Put a stylish placemat under the plate.
The spoon and table knife should be on the right side of the plate, and the fork on the left. You can interchange utensils depending on how you want to present your table. This also depends if using different kinds of spoons like teaspoon or soup spoon.
A wine glass just at the upper right corner of the plate will do just fine for elegant occasions.
A neatly folded table napkin on top of the plate adds up to the elegance of the table. This gives a wine and dine experience for everyone.
Think Green

Plants are good relaxants. Surround yourself with luscious green plants. Choose patio furniture for outdoor tables and chairs. Match it up with a patio umbrella to shade costumers from the heat of the sun. The cool breeze and green plants surrounding costumers will make them untwine and feel fresh.


Your centerpiece always attracts the eyes of your costumers. Think very carefully on what you want to put at the center of every table. Use your theme to create a well-balanced cafe.

A red or white rose on a beautiful looking vase. A potted small plant for an outdoor centerpiece or a wine on a bucket, these are just few choices you have. This process will help boost your theme. Be careful not to put too big centerpiece. It will cram up the table and there would be less space for food which will make diners very uncomfortable.

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I Still Love My Ex Wife (How Can I Get Her Back?) – Present A Better Deal

If you still love your ex wife, and if you want to get her back, then you need to entice her with a better deal.

Because, your old deal signed the death warrants of your relationship. Therefore, now, offer that deal which she can’t resist, a deal which can leave her breathless.

A Better Deal…

A better deal means a better “You”. You need to present an improved version of yourself. This gives you two advantages. First, she feels that you’ve changed, and second, you inject yourself in her pleasant thoughts and compel her to think about your new and positive image all the time.

I’ve seen many men who try to approach their ex-wives with negative image; they don’t change anything and expect their ex-wives to get them back again – with the same deal. And, obviously, their ex-wives reject them brutally and not even allow them to pee near their homes.

So, never approach her with the same deal; make some changes, and then approach her with a better deal. For instance:

“Create a strong social circle and become a gallant knight of it. Enjoy your life with your new social circle; let your wife notice that you’ve a beautiful and interesting life, and you’re happier than before.”


“Show her a series of comforts. Let her hear from others, and let her notice, that you’re in a strong position than before; you’re earning more, you’re happier, and you can offer more comfort and happiness to your family now.”

In both examples, I’ve put you in a dominant position; I showed, in an indirect manner, that you’re happier than before, and you want her to come back in your happier life. And, it’s very important. Since, we run after that person who looks happier than us. It’s a basic human psychology.

We humans want constant improvement; we want improvement in everything – a better home, living, car, movie, and life; sameness bore us; even billion-dollar men constantly try to improve their living standards; even you can’t play a same game again and again, you want to play better games.

So, how can you expect her to get back to you if you aren’t presenting an improved version of yourself and a better deal? Why would she accept the same life and same emotions? Why would she jump in that same situation which resulted in break up?

Just ponder these questions, if you truly love your ex wife, and if you truly want to get her back.

“Don’t Speak Words, Speak Emotions… ” Bill Edwards teaches men how to speak emotions while talking to a woman on his website: [http://www.poshmind.com]. And, he’s presenting “12 Posh Compliments that speak emotions… ” as a welcoming gift.

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Reasons for Buying a House Warming Present

Moving to a new home can be exciting but also a rather daunting experience. For some people, a new home is a like a blank canvas. Walking into rooms with absolutely no decoration or accessories can ignite inspiration, generate ideas and bring out a creative streak. Decorating your home from scratch can enable you to stamp your personality all over it. Some people like this, but for those of us with absolutely no designer bones in our body, having to choose accessories for our home can be exhausting and seem like a chore. A house warming gift from a creative friend can go a long way to making a new house feel like a home and igniting an interest in creating something special.

Here are some reasons why buying a house warming present for a friend who’s moving home can make a difference.

1) It is really stressful moving house. In fact it is believed to be as stressful as a divorce. There is so much to do and organise. Buying a house warming present for a friend who is moving into a new house will show that you care and empathise with them. After all, we all have to move at one point. Your friend will appreciate that someone is thinking about them enough to go out of their way and buy a gift.

2) A house warming gift will provide a memory of the move to a new home. Particularly a well-loved gift will bring back memories of that time in their life.

3) A gift – particularly a practical one – will provide some much needed accessories for the home. Perhaps a print for a wall or a throw for a sofa will go a long way to making the empty house feel cosy and warm. Moving home is expensive and money is not always available to buy nice new accessories.

Many people will still have bare walls and surfaces many months and years after moving home. This is usually because they have no inspiration, they have run out of money or they just can’t be bothered to do something about it. Providing a friend with a house warming gift may be the spark that is needed to push them to do something about their home. There are plenty of discount home stores around which have affordable home accessories. Perhaps buying just one quality decorative piece is all that is needed to kick start a new home.

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Three Terrific Presents You Can Send by Mail

With that birthday of a special person in your life coming up or that anniversary you celebrate with your significant other a few days away, you might already be scouring gift shops everywhere for the best present in the world. Presents are pleasant surprises that show how much time you are willing to spare to show you how much you genuinely care. Giving a gift that’s well thought out is an impeccable display of your love as well.

There’s just one problem: you are remembering the event with someone who lives miles away from you. You have a present in mind and know exactly how it will make your recipient’s day, but you’re simply lands and waters apart.

Worry no more, because in this age of fast, convenient delivery services, you can get even the oddly shaped item sent to your loved one’s doorstep. Dig into these three great gift ideas you can ship to just about anywhere:

1. A jewelry or accessory always works.

Little wonders representing luxury and elegance that they are, jewelry pieces will never fail to mesmerize your wife, girlfriend, daughter mom, aunt, grandma or niece. Make them feel loved and valued by giving them the gift of prized bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and other valuable jewels. They are a woman’s best friend after all, and the woman you adore in your life deserves no less than the finest.

2. Electronic gadgets are fine options.

Most men are into the electronic devices. If you’re too far away to celebrate a special occasion with the guys who matter in your life, it always works to sending a mobile phone, a tablet, a game console and other similar items. Give to your best buddy, your dad, uncle, nephew, grandpa or your son who aced the exam and is off to college the greatest surprise of his life with a new, glossy gadget he can use and have fun with.

3. Food and gift baskets are everyone’s favorite!

Living miles away and missing a family gathering? Surprise everybody with a package full of great tasting delicacies and goods that are native to where you currently are. Check out if your courier service provider can ship food and gift baskets. Everyone in your family will love you for sharing with them a taste of the wonderful gastronomic experience away from home. It’s a perfect way to celebrate with everyone while giving them an idea that you are actually doing great, and never hungry at that!

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The Most Interesting Presenter in the World! 7 Tips to Become Unstoppable

Unstoppable. With effective public speaking skills, you are. In business, when you speak with confidence, you win huge rewards. You’ll get noticed, get promoted, convince clients, get recognized as a genius and make a unique contribution.

Use these 7 tips to be a fearless and unstoppable presenter – in record time.

1.Conquer Your Fear
Just like superman, put on your cape. Get ready to conquer any last niggling bits of fear or nervousness.

Instead of letting fear stop you, be a samurai. Take every step forward and never look back. Each presentation, resolve to never be stopped by your fear.

This attitude adjustment is the most important tip. Without it, you have no foundation to build on. But with your rock-solid focus, you’ll quickly leave fear in the dust.

2. Slash Excuses
Eliminate the internal chatter. No excuses. Adopt a no-tolerance policy with yourself. If you are serious about learning effective public speaking skills, this is absolutely essential.

Stay at the top of your game by refusing to listen to all the reasons why you don’t have time to learn, time to take an online course or time to work with a coach.

Slash and burn your excuses completely out of your mind.

3. Reduce Stress
Learning new skills to be an effective public speaker can be stressful. In fact, learning any new skill stretches you to new levels. That’s the power of learning. You won’t be the same once you understand the system and skills required.

The fastest way to ease stress is to create a routine. Pick a time of the day when you’ll focus on skill building. Stick to it. The clients that achieve the best results often do the shortest amount of training – but do it every single day.

4. Aim High
Executives, leaders and sales professionals know a single truth: you’ll be able to present your way to the top. But you must aim high.

Don’t settle for second-best. Don’t let your standards falter or swerve. Always aim for the highest performance and your giving your best. In every presentation – whether formal or informal.

5. Stay Fit
Like so many skills, unless you practice regularly, you can lose fitness. It’s easy to stop practicing once you learn the basics of storytelling, engaging with whiteboard sketches or inspiring people to take action.

But the basics are not enough. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Just like going to the gym. With focus and new goals, you’ll stay more fit the more you work out.

Becoming an exceptional presenter is a lot like becoming a pro-athlete. It feels great – and you can’t ever let your eye off the ball.

6. Make A Difference
We’re here for just a short time. Make a difference in the world. This motivation to contribute, make a difference and leave the world a better place than you found it, is extremely motivating.

Whether you are advocating for a specific cause, contributing your natural enthusiasm or sharing a new invention – present your message with passion.

7. Commit To Learning
As so many leaders speak about, learning is the single mark of a great leader. To be the most interesting speaker in the world, commit to continuous learning. Discover the power of presenting on video, in virtual meetings and in high-stakes face-to-face settings.

Each environment has unique challenges. Stay inspired and commit to learning.

These tips can be used for personal brand presentations as well as business pitches. After all, you’re the one in front of the room. Focus on each tip and hard-wire it into your daily practice.

The payoff? You’ll be unstoppable. It’s a universal law in presenting: When you put in the effort, you’ll reap the rewards.

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God Is Present Here

In the modern era, one is able to hear and see live shows through media. Likewise if one tunes his heart accordingly, then the presence of God will be felt. Some people do not believe God. They have doubts on every matter related to God and spirituality. Such people even give lectures declining the presence of God. They do not pause to think about what they take for granted. The small cell or battery for instance gives energy for some instruments like a watch to work. Where does this energy come from?

It comes from God. But some do not bother to ponder and live life without thinking about the secrets of life in this world. Rather, some live like animals, even worse. Man has an innate power within him, a power that is locked by him because of not trying to unravel the secrets. However much the atheists explain there are some questions that cannot be answered by science.

In these days, man does not believe in himself or others around him. Nearly everyone is suspicious about others. Trust has become a word of the past. Persons who do not believe others cannot believe God, because He resides in the heart of man, not in the sky or space.

What is wanted is a strong belief, which should be built on rock. Those who have a monkey mind cannot get God’s grace, because fickle minds are not accepted. What God searches for is a pure, strong and an untarnished mind. The mind should be filled with good thoughts. It should be like a room which is filled with scented flowers or incense. It should be clean for God to enter it and stay forever. If God becomes one’s friend then rest assure that one has got the best friend for life. God cares for us, looking after every need, chiding if necessary and leading the way to a proper goal. His voice can be heard only in silence which means, the mind should be devoid of bad thoughts and desires. Thoughts travel fast, so control them before they transform into words and actions. Only when desires are reduced, man can live a proper life without many debts. As soon as desires are reduced, God will see to it that basic wants are fulfilled. Peace of mind will be obtained only if man gives up exorbitant wants.

If one wants to meditate then he must observe the beauty of the nature around him. The presence of God can be felt if you silently observe nature around you, alone and without any modern disturbances.

There is a story about a person who went to a sage to learn meditation. The sage asked the man to observe nature for one week and come back to him. After one week the sage asked the man what sounds he had heard and the man replied that he heard birds chirping. The sage told him to go back and come after another week of observation. After a week, the man replied to the sage’s query that he had heard a near by stream gurgling. He was sent back again. He came back jubilant after a week and told the sage that he could now hear even a single leaf rustling. Then the sage told him that this was meditation, the shutting down of mind and concentrating solely on the object of meditation. If one thinks of God unconsciously and continuously, then he or she is truly a yogi or sage, even though living in society. This type of person will have the power of thousand elephants and will be really brave, ready to face any criticism or challenge. A true devotee of God will have three qualities- purity, enthusiasm and patience. These type of people should serve society by trying to transform the dushta buddhi’s [bad minded people]. They should be ready to face any consequences and bravely reform the selfish minded, money cheaters, ego centric and crooks. It is up to the believers in God to make this world beautiful and free it from war, terrorism, pollution, corruption and many vices present in today’s society. Save the Earth for the children of tomorrow and everyone will be safe, no one will sorrow.

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Establish Credibility as a Powerful Presenter – One Communication Detail at a Time

Consider and count all of the details – the little steps – to pay attention to that add up to big results – especially with regard to our credibility. In this article I share some of the details that I feel make us more credible as powerful presenters. It does take time and effort, but when we add them all together, our reputations will shine.

Accept the fact that there is no “quick fix” and that “overnight” success may take many years. Yes, we do belong to a society in a hurry. It is common for people to feel that they can lose 30 pounds in a month and/or become a recognized speaker in demand by just deciding to do it. I can’t even number the well known and successful speakers who have told the story of their struggles to reach stardom.

Once you embrace the idea that everything worth achieving will take time, discipline, hard work, patience and attention to details, you will be on your way. Think of these details as the “moments of truth” that have made Southwest Airlines so successful.

Pay attention to communication details. Even if you can wow an audience with your speaking ability from the podium, but you don’t pay attention to other communication details, you will never get a chance to speak from that podium. Here are some communication details to adopt:

  • Telephone skills. Return messages with haste. I know that a good number of people do not do this, because so often I hear, “Thank you for returning my call.” Does this mean others don’t return calls? Yes. So when we do, we have varied from the norm and leave a good impression.
  • E-mail messages. With the huge amount of SPAM these days, it does take an extra effort to keep ahead of the mail. It is the same, however, as with the telephone. If we are quick and courteous about answering our e-mails we leave another good impression.
  • Everyday conversations. Are you in a hurry all of the time? Just don’t have time to talk. I am not suggesting that you waste a lot of time with idle chatter, but I do suggest that you take a few minutes to listen and answer questions. This is also an opportunity for letting others know of your expertise. If you are willing to share information, then you just might be the perfect speaker for their group (and practically everyone belongs to a group).
  • Snail mail. It is so seldom that we receive a handwritten note in the mail that when we do, we remember. This is just another communication detail that will add up to setting you apart from the crowd.

Now, I ask you to start making notes of the small stuff. Keep a list of the daily, weekly and monthly details or “moments of truth” that will add up to a huge change. I have only scratched the surface of the many details and steps, but do hope that I have started you thinking.

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Horse and Rider Christmas Presents

No matter what time of year it is, it can feel like Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone knows that shopping for your horse he friends early for their horse Christmas gifts, can make the job easier.

One of the best ways to shop for a horse Christmas presents is to do it early in the year. Keep an eye on your local tack shops, your favorite Internet sites, and other places that you would purchase gifts throughout the year and look first sale items. If you begin your shopping for your horse friends a bit early, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll be able to find on sale. There are variety of different handcrafted horse items, horse equipment, horse home decor as well a stable equipment and it often goes on sale throughout the year and shopping for your Christmas presents early can allow you to purchase a better gift.

Also, horse people need horse equipment and horse gear all year long. So if you’re looking for horse gift, consider purchasing and giving it early Wynn you are horse person needs it the most. For those that are beginning the show season, to those who are ending the show season, a gift certificate to their favorite horse store, horse riding facility, or even pay the fees for their next horse show, can be a great gift.

As far as purchasing a horse for Christmas, it’s best to think this through thoroughly before you begin. Purchasing a horse for Christmas is a dream for many parents, and loved ones of those who are the involved with someone who loves horses. But purchasing a horse during the winter time also requires thorough research. Besides, you can probably find a better time of year to put someone new in your stable or add an addition to your family rather than the holidays. People are busy during the holidays, and it’s not recommended to give either pets or horses during the holidays.

There’s such a wide variety of items that the horse lover needs or wants, that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an appropriate Christmas gift. There are great places to shop on the Internet, and often times they understand the busy holiday season. So, if you didn’t purchase your horse gift earlier in the year, you can probably hit the Internet sites and find a wonderful gift and have it delivered on time. Also, many horse Internet shopping sites are willing to ship directly to your horse owner or horse lover. You’ll simply have to contact the horse gift site itself to find out if they’re willing to ship after you pay the item.

Shopping for Christmas for the horse lover is probably one of the easiest people to shop for. Such a wide variety of gift items, important horse items, as well as those items that are in style or fashion can be had all over the Internet and it’s just a matter of choosing which horse gift to give for Christmas.

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Turning a Cathedral of Ideas Into a Beautiful Presentation

Oh, but all our presentations would turn out as beautiful as that lovely cathedral you visited last summer in Europe. Yet consider this: when that cathedral was first envisioned it was but a host of ideas–just like your presentation.

Here’s how to take a cathedral of ideas and turn it into something special.

When they built that beautiful cathedral (and you do remember it, don’t you?), the very first thing they did was look at what had been done in building other churches. Do the same with your presentation. If you are speaking to the monthly leadership meeting, what did the last speaker do? Find out–and do something different.

The second thing they did was to ensure those attending the cathedral would love it–absolutely love it. Special knaves for the King. Enough seating for the masses. They knew their audience. So should you.
Finally, they created a thing of beauty because they knew they had an amazing opportunity to showcase their craft. You can do this with your presentation by creating visuals that are, well, elegant. You can hand out tip cards in place of service programs.

And they spoke of things that mattered; do likewise. Give your audience something they will find interesting and can use when they depart. They didn’t come to hear the rector speak about his greatness.

It’s not about you. It’s about them. When this cathedral was constructed, sermons routinely lasted for hours. This is not recommended. The maximum time for a presentation should be 15 to 20 minutes. Conferences and special meetings will take longer, of course, but err on the side of brevity, not length.

Divide your presentation into digestible segments. No one minds when you finish early. Yet even at church, you’ll hear grumbling if the service goes beyond the allotted time.

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